What’s a Flight Simulator and How Can it Help a Pilot?

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As a pilot, you have many things to learn as you become familiar with the aircraft and your responsibility as a pilot. During your citation course, you’ll learn how to avoid accidents in the air that pose a threat to everyone’s safety. Your intense training is what makes it possible to act fast and make the decision before a disaster occurs. So what’s a flight simulator and how can it help you as a pilot, you ask? Let’s take a look at this savvy, helpful device and its relevance to your aviation career.


The Flight Simulator

During your citation training you’ll experience a lot of your courses through an artificial environment that recreates what an actual flight will look like. The idea behind the flight simulator is to test and assist the pilot during training to ensure proficiency handling the plane while no one is aboard and is a cost effective way to train rather than keeping the plane in the air.

The simulator will usually consist of multiple displays, an communications systems, control devices, and a computer system that process controls and records flight data. You will pretty much experience a real flight experience without leaving the ground.

Why the Simulator?

Aside from providing the pilot in training with an inside look of an aircraft, the flight simulator is a learning tool that continues to sharpen a pilot’s skills well into their career. In fact, after a pilot has received training, they can brush up on their skills by using the flight simulator every 6 to 12 months. This helps them during their career because it shows the employer that they take their career seriously by brushing up their skills each year.

Cuts Training Cost

Since the flight simulators use a virtual reality experience, the cost of fuel is eliminated. This is cuts the cost of training and overhead than if you were to training in an actual aircraft. And there is no limit to training with a flight simulator as there will plenty of opportunities to learn and brush up on your skills for the years to come.

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