Top 3 Highest Paying Aviation Jobs

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There are many facets to aviation, and not just flying the friendly skies. Separate designated jobs allow the aircraft and the team on board to run efficiently throughout the duration of the flight. Are you considering a job in aviation? Perhaps you’ve finished your citation flight training and want to learn more about the separate parts that make up a functioning aviation career. Here are just three jobs that pay top dollar in the aviation industry.


Director of Aerospace Program Management

As the director, you are the overseer of all management-related responsibilities, typically stemming around the building of aircraft, team leading, and undergoing a slew of onsite projects. You’ll most likely not be required to obtain cessna citation jet training but you will need a bachelors in astronomy and aerospace engineering or something relative to the industry. Since this is an on-ground job, you’ll most likely be working in an office setting. This job is far from sedentary as it requires a great deal of travel throughout the world. You will be responsible for visiting laboratories and working alongside scientists and bureaucrats. Your hours may vary but typically remain a ‘9-5’ consistency. The pay for this highly involved job is an annual median salary of $151,000.

Flight Engineer, Co-Pilot, and Pilot

This job requires a cessna citation jet training through an aviation school. There was a time when all pilots and copilots had to get trained through the military. Thankfully now, you can join an aviation school with no problem. All three of these identities perform similar duties that requires extensive training. Your responsibilities are to maintain, organize and check the aircraft and all relative equipment. Your job also requires inspection of the plane to ensure the regulation code is up to date. You will need to keep inventory on parts, logs, and equipment. This is a tedious job for a pilot and may even require prior schooling before citation jet training is obtained. The annual median salary is $117,000.

Aerospace Project Engineer

Lastly, the project engineer requires team-lead organization skills along with a thorough understanding of engineering. Your job as an aerospace project engineer is to oversee all projects and coordinate appropriately. You’re responsible for estimating timelines and schedules, and to anticipate risks and all costs that relate to the project. You will also be responsible for planning and organizing all projects from start to finish. This means that you will be problem solving and coming up with scenarios and ways to fix problems that may arise. You must be paying attention to detail to avoid any errors. You will need a bachelor’s degree in aviation engineering and or a related field.

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