Tips to Get a Job in Aviation

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So, you have always wanted to fly but you are not sure where to start. While a job in aviation can be very rewarding, like any other job it also takes hard work, time and patience. If you want to get into the aviation field, however, there are a few tips and initial steps you can take to help make your dream come true.

Update your resume

Regardless of the job you are applying to, having an updated and professional resume is always the first step. When you are creating a resume specific for the aviation field it is important to highlight similar experiences you’ve had. Even if you are trying to break into the aviation industry and have no prior experience, find ways to tailor your resume to highlight your customer service skills or other applicable knowledge. You will also want your resume to stick out from the hundreds of other applications being sent to recruiters. This might mean putting in some extra effort and adding in some creativity to help your resume stand above the rest.

Apply to entry-level jobs

Sometimes the best way to break into an industry is to work your way up from the bottom. Regardless if you have a degree or not, with the right resume and attitude you can land any entry-level job you set your mind to. There are hundreds of jobs in aviation that can lead to your eventual goal of becoming a pilot. Many people who have hopes of rising in the ranks of aviation begin working at TSA, as a flight attendant or even as a member of air traffic control. For those who have a background in mechanics or engineering you can always find jobs in aviation on the technical or engineering end rather than a job that is centered around customer service. Once in the industry you can work your way up while gaining valuable knowledge along the way.

Location, location, location

Many jobs in aviation are centered on larger cities and more populated areas. In order to achieve your dream job in aviation you may need to consider relocating. Aviation is an industry where there is a noticeable correlation between a geological location and an aviation professional’s salary. In addition to salary, not every town has the opportunities you might be looking for in aviation. Of course, not everyone wants to relocate so, like any career, you need to assess your goals and comfort levels to find the best role for your lifestyle.


Before you develop your career to where you want it, many aviation jobs require specific certifications. For example, prior to receiving your pilot’s license, if that is your aviation career goal, you need to complete a rigorous training course, log flight hours and complete all proper certifications before taking flight. Equally, if you want to engineer planes of any size, develop flight plans or even hold an executive position within an aviation company, having the proper certifications is necessary.

Many people long for a career in aviation, but if you are serious about aviation performing research on possible career paths is always a good starting point. Furthermore, you might consider reaching out to aviation professionals to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of what it truly takes to have a successful career in aviation.

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