The CJ and the CJ Simulator

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Recently Premier Jet Training obtained a Cessna CJ aircraft and a full motion CJ1+ simulator with a Proline 21 avionics package.  These two units of equipment mesh together to create an ideal training situation for the pilot who wants to obtain a Citation CJ type rating (CE525 or CE525S) or who desires to get the recurrent training required by the FAA and most insurance companies.

The simulator is a full-motion, sophisticated and electronically replicated Cessna CJ1+ manufactured by Redbird.  It is capable of emulating the functions of the CJ for training of all normal, abnormal and emergencies procedures.  Many procedures are able to be demonstrated that could not be accomplished in the aircraft.  The applicant for a type rating or recurrent training receives at least four hours of training in this simulator.

The applicant receives a thorough pre-flight of an entire aircraft instead of limited pictures in order to find the location of all systems which need to be checked.  Ground power is connected to the aircraft and training continues with the cockpit set up which was learned in the simulator but now with the sights and sounds of a real situation.

Flight in the aircraft allows the applicant to experience real stalls, steep turns and an exhilarating emergency descent.  Practicing multiple approaches allows the applicant to rapidly gain situational awareness and efficiency in operating the aircraft systems and avionics.  Learning to make actual landings with various flap and engine configurations is another positive experience with training in an aircraft.

For those applicants obtaining their first jet type rating, taking a check ride in an aircraft allows immediate use of PIC privileges instead of having to accomplish 25 hours of initial operating experience (IOE).  This alone can save thousands of dollars in fuel and aircraft maintenance costs.  However, in the event of a CE525S rating, some insurance companies may still require several hours of flight with a safety pilot until one may go solo.  Premier Jet Training also trains the CE500, CE510 and CE650 series Citations along with King Air’s and is widely accepted with all major insurance companies.

The instructors and other staff members of Premier Jet Training look forward to working with those pilots who wish to choose the best combination of simulator, aircraft and great Florida weather, especially during the winter months.  Call us at 772 223-1219.

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