Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Fly a Jet

  1. why you should learn how to fly a jet

Jet training experience is unmatched and ensures the expertise to handle the flight tasks accurately. is one of the best starting Earning your pilot’s license is a pretty tremendous achievement. Chances are you’ve spent countless hours in the sky to make that happen. In fact, the national average is between 60-70 hours of flying time to earn a pilot’s license. But, the true measure of a good, experienced pilot is one who’s logged thousands of hours in the air. Once you’ve reached that level of ability, maybe you’re up for a next level challenge, moving from propeller planes to jet-powered ones at a premier flight school

The World Is at Your Fingertips

This one applies to any kind of plane you’re flying, really. Once you learn to fly a plane – propeller or jet, the world is at your fingertips. No more searching for convenient commercial flight arrangements, or waiting in airports during layover, with a pilot’s license in hand, you can fly anywhere you like limited only by the aircraft you’re flying. Propeller planes are best suited for short distances. If you up your game to jet flying and jet training, you would be able to reach much further destinations. 

The View

Nothing quite compares to the view from above as you’re flying a plane. The view gets even better the higher you go. Sure, it’s pretty great from a propeller plane, but jets can fly even higher. Just another reason to learn how to fly a jet. 

Exciting Career Opportunities

Getting a pilot’s license opens up the possibility of having exciting new adventures. Logging thousands of hours it the sky might even open up career opportunities. Commercial pilots are required to earn an airline transport pilot certificate, and log more than 1,500 hours before they can fly commercial aircraft for airlines. Many of those planes are jet engine planes. So, working toward a jet rating could put you on a path to become a copilot for a commercial airline. 

It’s Been Your Dream Since You Were Little

Maybe you’ve been in awe of flying and planes since you were very little. You’ve taken one step toward achieving your lifelong dream by earning your pilot’s license. Now’s the time to take that dream a step further by learning how to fly a much faster plane capable of flying at much higher altitudes and for longer distances – a jet. 


The ability to fly a plane introduces tremendous convenience in terms of traveling. No longer are you a slave to the schedules published by large commercial airlines. Instead, whether you lease a plane for a trip, or have purchased one for your use, a long as you clear the tower, you can come and go from any airport you choose. One thing you’ll have to consider if you do learn how to fly a jet, is that they require longer runways to land than propeller aircraft. 

What an Office

If you do pursue a career as a commercial pilot after learning how to fly a jet – what an office! You’ll spend your days enjoying a birds-eye-view of the world below you, flying through the clouds and doing something you love and are passionate about. An office in the air beats a cubicle anyday. 

The Paycheck

Jet plane pilots can make a decent living. You can either work for a commercial airline, or as a pilot for hire who can fly specific aircraft. The latter option obviously gives you more control over your income than working for a corporation, but working for a large airline does have its perks. 

The average salary for a commercial jet pilot working for an airline is more than $130,000. The average salary for private pilots is around $110,000 per year with the option to make more or less depending on how much you’re willing to fly. 

The Jet Set Lifestyle

As a jet pilot, you’ll enjoy a jet-set lifestyle. Pilots for airlines typically have a route which puts them in the same cities week after week. You might enjoy further exploring these stops each time you’re in town. Private pilots are more likely to head to different destinations all the time depending on their client’s travel plans. Either option means you’ll be on the move, a lot.  

Kids Will Adore You

To small kids, a jet pilot comes close to super hero status. If you work for an airline, you’ll notice the wonder and amazement in the eyes of the little children aboard the plane as you walk through the cabin. You may have the opportunity to show them the cockpit, and give them their own set of wearable wings. Pilots capture the imagination and awe of little children everywhere which could be a lot of fun. 

You Can Live and Work Anywhere in the World

Getting your jet training would allow you to work which means that you can really live and work anywhere in the world. If you work for a commercial airline, you will work from a base which is usually one of the airline’s hubs. As long as you’re at the base when you’re scheduled to report, the airline doesn’t really care where you live. If you’re a private pilot, it’s most often the case that you’ll live close to your aircraft, or an airport where you often work from, but that airport can be anywhere you want it to be. 

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