October 2013:Premier Jet Training launches complete new website. The new revamped website is designed by Propelfolio in Boca Raton. The new website allows smoother surfing for courses and was simplified for easier reading. A new section was added for our international clients. In a next upgrade, which is scheduled for January, a client section will be added to allow the client to access training records and course materials.


September 2013:course510

Premier Jet Training moves to a new location at the Stuart airport. The old facility became to small to accommodate the training rooms, offices and required aircraft hangar space. The new facility added a new 20,000 sq ft hangar storage, two additional offices, and an additional training room.


August 2013:

Premier Jet Training became approved for the CE-650 (Cessna Citation III, VI, and VII) courses.


July 2013:

Premier Jet Aviation obtained all the insurance authorizations from the major insurance companies and underwriters for the CE-510 (Cessna Citation Mustang) and CE-525 (Cessna CitationJet) courses.


June 2013:course525

Premier Jet Training obtained approval from the major insurance carriers for the CE-500 courses.


May 2013:

Premier adds CE-551 (Cessna Citation II-SP) to the training fleet. The aircraft is equipped with Garmin avionics and was recently repainted.


April 2013:

Premier Jet Training adds the Cessna Citation Mustang to the training fleet.


March 2013:

Premier Private Jets and Premier Jet Training starts operation at the Stuart Airport

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