Live Flight Training Vs Simulator Training

From your childhood days of creating airplanes and model aircrafts up to adventuring on arcades, attractions and flight rides, you may already have simulated flight in different ways. In fact, from the time airplanes were already invented, simulators and models were already used in demonstrating flight principles to aspiring mechanics and pilots.

As far as live flight training and simulator training is concerned, there will always be a huge difference as well as similarities in between these two that you need to be aware about. Here are the lists of some of their similarities and differences that can affect your flight experience and these include the following:

Weather Elements

The most common and primary difference in between live flight training vs simulator training is that even the use of most innovative and high-tech kind of simulator cannot portray perfectly the actual weather or even natural airflow. However, there are some digital simulator trainings which will allow you to change the settings to different weather conditions, obstacles and views. This only means to say that you can practice making some tricky landings or weathering storm even without experiencing any danger during your live flight training. Every time you are set on simulator training, you can just make a few adjustments and then apply the strategies you’ve learned when you’re already on the cockpit of the live flight training.

Keep Focus

Almost 90% of your focus should be given on the outside part of the aircraft with 10% to immediate glance to verify the things that you’re seeing in the cockpit. Yet, when it comes to simulator training, you have the tendency to turn your attention inward particularly to the buttons and controls inside of the plane. But, the great thing about the simulator training is that you’re allowed to continuously practice having the control which means to say that when you’re up in real air, your attention is more your surroundings and how you’re going to operate the plane.

Room for Mistake

Once you’re up in the real air, you don’t have the time to take the risks of learning. In live flight training, perfecting any kind of technique is a manifestation of starting your airplane flight from the start up to the end, putting tear and wear on the plane and relying on weather conditions.

On the other hand, simulator training helps you in slowing down, pausing mid-flight and practicing some certain operations again and again while taking risks that you should not take the air. That is why, for both the live flight training and simulator training, you need to be very careful and wise enough not to create a room for any kind of mistake.

As far as live flight training and simulator training is concerned, there are a lot of differences and similarities between the two but you’re assured that no matter what you choose between these two, you’re safety needs to always be taken as your first priority.

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