• Who are We

    Premier Jet Training is an aviation company specializing in advanced aircraft training for Cessna Citation corporate aircraft type ratings or citation type rating. Premier Jet Training tailors to the owners of jet aircraft who desire personalized training that can be completed in a short time span and on a tailor-made schedule, or professional pilots with previous jet experience who would like to add another type rating to their pilot license.

    Each client can take advantage of the personalized approach to finish any citation type rating training in a couple of days at Premier’s corporate base in Florida, or at their location and use their own aircraft or use one of Premier’s aircraft.

    Our Courses

    PIC / SIC  initial, upgrade, and recurrent training for citation type rating:

    1. CE-500 Citation Series Type Rating
    2. CE-510 Citation Mustang Type Rating
    3. CE-525 Citation Jet CJ Series Type Rating
    4. CE-650 Citation III, VI, VII Series Type Rating
    5. Aircraft Model Differences Training

    The founders of the company noticed that many pilots were lacking success due to the lack of a personalized training program. The main reason for the inception of Premier Jet Training was to set itself apart from other training providers, and provide each customers the tools, training, knowledge, certifications, and assistance, to not just be eligible, but to fly a jet aircraft safely as a proficient jet pilot.

    The training technique used at Premier Jet Training is different from the classical simulator only training programs. All training courses consists of personalized and tailor-made ground school, cockpit procedures, simulation, and in aircraft flight training. The FAA Check-ride is completed in the actual aircraft and all clients have real actual aircraft flight time upon completion of the training course. Because of the great success of the combined training technique, Premier is approved by all major and large insurance companies and insurance underwriters.

    We cover all citation type rating courses

    Premier Jet Training is the alternative to the large training providers who only offer simulator training.

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    Premier Jet Training own Citation Mustang featured on the cover of AOPA PILOT magazine.

    Citation Type Rating in Stuart, FL

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