Have you ever desired to get Cessna Citation type rating? 

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Ten years ago I was looking for a pilot position and thought perhaps going to a school to get a Citation type rating might help me.  A friend was also attempting to break into jet flying so we agreed to go to Citation class together and team up to get our type ratings in the Cessna.

We had to choose between a type rating in a Citation 525 or the Citation 500.  We chose the Citation 500.  School was two weeks in length with no days off.  It could have been shorter for me since I already had several type ratings in other jet aircraft.  It was to be my friend’s first type rating.

After we each passed our type rating check rides, my friend went back to Cleveland and was flying co-pilot on a Cessna Citation 550 within two weeks.  With my fresh type rating in my pocket I was able to become a contract pilot and began to get jobs filling in for pilots flying Cessna Citations in Florida.

Think back to my first question.  Have you ever desired to get Cessna Citation type rating? If the answer was no, perhaps you should reconsider.  My friend is now flying Captain on jet aircraft because his original type rating got him started, and I have had 10 years of successful contract flying all because of the decision to get a Cessna Citation type rating.

Perhaps the better question to consider is would a Citation type rating help me get that flying job for which I have been yearning?


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