Flight Training: The Process

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If you’ve always dreamed of flight training, there is no time like the present. Getting started on the path to flying a plane isn’t as hard as you think. The first step is to find a reputable flight training school near you to find out more about their program and what to expect from the beginning to end.

Apply for certifications pre flight training

In order to get started with your flight training, you’ll need to apply for two certifications. The first certification is a medical certificate that requires an examination by an FAA approved provider. The second is called an FAA pilot certification and is required before you can fly a plane solo. The FAA has an extensive application for potential flight students to complete and submit for consideration.  

Start your flight training lessons

Once you have your medical certificate and FAA pilot certificate in place, you will be free to start your flying lessons. The FAA requires that you complete at least 35 hours of flight training before you will be considered eligible to get your private pilot’s license. In the flying world, however, experience is key, and many private pilots accumulate many more than 35 hours before they secure their license and fly alone on a regular basis.  

Pass the tests

Once you’ve collected your required flight hours, you’ll have to pass two tests. The first test is the private pilot’s knowledge test which quizzes students on airplane mechanics and flight theory. The second test is the private pilot’s practical tests which is much like a driving skills test, but in the air. You can take the knowledge test however many times you need to to pass, but you must take and pass the practical test within 2 years of passing the written exam.

Get your wings 

Once you’ve gotten your certificates, completed your training, and passed the tests, you can chalk up your success of getting your private pilot’s license and earning your wings. Many pilots who reach this point continue practicing and accumulating flight time experience. There are also other flight ratings that you can achieve with more time spent in the air which allows you to operate other types of aircraft.

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