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What makes Premier Jet Training your choice for training?

Premier Jet Training uses a systematic individualized approach to training, tailored to your knowledge and experience. Premier uses instructors with 1000’s of hours of flying and instructing.
This company is very unique in the services offered. Unlike many other companies, Premier Jet Training uses only highly experienced instructors understand your experience level, and are looking out for your success. Premier is a company dedicated to delivering the best aviation training available, while keeping our prices very competitive. Florida provides beautiful weather for aircraft training.

What courses do you offer?

Premier Jet training offers training for the Cessna Citation CE-500, CE-510, CE-525 series aircraft

Can I use my own aircraft?”

Yes, Premier Jet Training can provide training in your own aircraft. Premier Jet Training uses instructors with years of experience in all Citation models

Can Premier Jet Training come to my home airport / location?

Yes, Our ground, flight instructors and examiners can provide instruction at your location.

What instructors does Premier Jet Training use?

All the instructors have thousands of hours of experience in the aircraft they are teaching. Most of the the instructors are also currently actively flying as corporate pilots or are retired, and have held positions such as director of aircraft operations, chief pilot, or director of training.

Is Premier Jet Training approved by the FAA?

Premier Jet Training is not approved under part 141 or part 142, because training under those parts is too restrictive to accommodate your schedule, previous knowledge and experience. All courses at Premier Jet Training are approved under part 61

Are there any restrictions for international students?

No, Premier Jet Training is approved to conduct flight training to non US Citizens. Please go to the international clients page for additional information.

How can I convert my non FAA license into a FAA pilot license

The Federal Aviation Administration will convert any pilot license issued by a country (state) approved and recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Go to the international client page which will provide detailed information on how to get your license converted.

Can I convert my FAA type rating to a foreign license?

It depends on the country you would like your license to convert to. Most countries recognize FAA pilot licenses and will convert your entire FAA pilot license to their license including all aircraft authorizations and type ratings.

What is the best way to prepare for any course?

If you sign up for one of our courses, we will send you a detailed e-mail, along with a manual, explaining how to best prepare for your training before you arrive at the training center.

Do I need a medical for training?

Yes, You will need at least a third class medical to do the aircraft training and the FAA check-ride.

What models are covered by the CE-500 type rating?

Cessna Citation I and I-SP (CE-500/CE-501), Cessna Citation II and II-SP (CE-550/CE-551), Cessna Citation S-II (CE-S550), Cessna Citation Bravo (CE-550B), Cessna Citation V (CE-560), Cessna Citation Ultra (CE-560U), Cessna Citation Encore and Encore+ (CE-560E)

What is a Single-Pilot Exemption?

A single-pilot exemption allows you to fly any aircraft in the CE-500 series as single-pilot even if the aircraft is not certified as single-pilot in the type certificate. A Single-pilot exemption has to be renewed each year.

What models are covered by the CE-525 type rating?

Cessna CitationJet CJ, CJ1 and CJ1+ (CE-525), Cessna CitationJet CJ2 and CJ2+ (CE-525A), Cessna Citation CJ3 (CE-525B), Cessna Citation CJ4 (CE-525C

Is Premier Jet Training approved by the insurance companies?

Yes, all the courses at Premier Jet Training are approved by the large insurance companies and underwriters

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