Could I Take Aviation Courses Online?

Have you ever wondered what steps a pilot has to take to achieve their status? Perhaps you’ve searched for citation jet training and are ready to take your aviation passion to a whole new level. Flight training is complex and needs step-by-step hands-on help from on-site professionals. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from your online aviation course.

Aviation Training Programs

With the technology and resources today, it is possible to go through a few courses online. There are many degree programs in the aviation field such as flight dispatch and scheduling, aerospace administration, flight operations management, meteorology, aeronautical technology, avionics engineering, aviation computer science, and more. For airline pilots, you would work your way through the system as a Captain, First officer, and Flight Engineer in the Professional Flight Management field of aviation. You may even consider learning the business aspect of this field in the event you choose to work on the administrative side. If you’re going in the direction of a mechanic, you’ll aim for a degree program in the airframe and powerplant technology field. You’ll be getting hands-on training focusing on welding for aircraft, turbine engines, and aircraft electrical systems.

While you may be able to take a citation course or two online for some modules, it’s best to have in-person training sessions for most of the advanced methods of learning. For example, you will be required to train using a flight simulator, which mimics the effects of a real in-flight experience.

When choosing the program, along with your preferred aviation career path you must consider the length of time it will take you complete. You can obtain an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degree in aviation depending on which field you choose. For air traffic control, you will need an associates degree. As a controller, you are required to ensure all pilots receive appropriate instruction for landing and takeoff, and the appropriate taxi, and much more. Students also must successfully complete training at the FAA Academy and can be taken online.

No matter what citation jet training you choose, let a professional handle your aviation needs. With thousands of hours behind them, our team of experts will ensure you get the most from your training. Ask our trusted staff about our programs and how you can get started. You’re only from making your aviation dream a reality!


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