About the Cessna Mustang Jet

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Cessna Mustang Jet is a very light jet or class business jet built by the Cessna Aircraft Company. It can accommodate four passengers in its aft cabin and two seating in its cockpit. The same as other kinds of light jets, the Cessna Mustang Jet is approved for single pilot operations.


The Cessna Mustang Jet is a very low-wing cantilever monoplane with swept wing, tricycle retractable landing gear and T-tail. Its main door is primarily located at the left forward sections of the aircraft itself, having an additional exit for emergency situations at the right center section of its fuselage.

The airframe of Cessna Mustang Jet is made of aluminum alloy with three spar wings. Its power is provided by the Whitney and Pratt Canada with PWD615F turbofan engine completely mounted in the aft fuselage pods.

Flying Cessna Mustang Jet

The Cessna Mustang Jet has a maximum range at about 1,207nm, which means that it is primarily used in shuttling passengers on flights for more than an hour. This has also maximum altitude of about 41,000ft, which is considered to be higher than that of commercial airliners. It only takes at about twenty-seven minutes for this aircraft to completely reach this kind of height.

Travelling in a Cessna Mustang Jet

The Cessna Mustang Jet provides one of the biggest cabins at its weight class that measures at about nine feet and nine inches long. It is four feet and five inches in height and provides about sixty three cubic feet of space for the baggage. For those people who have never tried flying on the Cessna Mustang Jet before, the inside part of this jet is very spacious.

Its walls are completely insulated. It creates an overall amazing and quiet environment even if the aircraft is running or travelling at its highest speed. Reading lights and adjustable air vents are also positioned above the aircraft seats which sit next to the fold-out table. In the front portion of the jet’s cabin, pilots are given the chance to adjust the cockpit’s temperate as well as settings of the cabin in a separate manner.

There are also some storage cabinets on the sides of the cabin just behind the cockpit. Drinks, as well as other kinds of refreshments can be placed on the right side of the cabinet and the left side can also store other needed items.

Owning Cessna Mustang Jet

As far as owning a Cessna Mustang Jet is concerned, you can purchase a brand new, pre-owned or an even older model of this jet. As with anything else, the price range varies.

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