• 5 Reasons Why Florida is the Best State to Practice Flight Training In

    Part of becoming a private pilot is gaining flying hours which provide real-life experience in the air. Private pilots are required to have at least 40 hours of flying time, 20 of which must be with an instructor on board. The hour requirement increases with various ratings, but all flight training requires many hours logged […]

  • why you should learn how to fly a jet

    Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Fly a Jet

    Earning your pilot’s license is a pretty tremendous achievement. Chances are you’ve spent countless hours in the sky to make that happen. In fact, the national average is between 60-70 hours of flying time to earn a pilot’s license. But, the true measure of a good, experienced pilot is one who’s logged thousands of hours […]

  • 6 main courses that premier jet training offers in stuart florida

    A Comprehensive Look at the 6 Main Courses of Premier Jet Training

    Are you interested in becoming a jet pilot? If you’re passionate about aviation and are seeking a way to turn your fascination into a career, Premier Jet Training has created a comprehensive guide to the six main courses you can take to become a pilot. Let’s take a look at your options.  1.) Legacy Citation […]

  • Why there's a growing need for pilots in the US

    Why There is a Growing Need for Jet Pilots

    Airplanes and jets rule the travel industry, as they are the most efficient and effective way to travel long distances. This makes pilots who fly these vessels invaluable; however there still seems to be a growing need for them. But why is that? There is no shortage of jobs available to pilots, so it should […]

  • jet training courses in florida

    Tips to Get a Job in Aviation

    So, you have always wanted to fly but you are not sure where to start. While a job in aviation can be very rewarding, like any other job it also takes hard work, time and patience. If you want to get into the aviation field, however, there are a few tips and initial steps you […]

  • All About the Cessna CE-500 Series Jet

    In September of 1969, the Cessna Aircraft Company launched a series of CE500 jets starting with the Citation I (CE-500). The FAA certified the Citation I jet in 1971, two years after the first flight of the aircraft. This jet was one of the first economic aircrafts targeted to the Owner Pilot. The Citation I, […]

  • How Many Years Does It Take To Study Aviation?

    Congratulations! So you’ve decided to take a career step towards aviation. And you have questions surrounding this exciting career. So where do you start looking? What type of citation course training are you looking to obtain? More importantly, have you decided the type of aviation career path you would like to take? The options are […]

  • Could I Take Aviation Courses Online?

    Have you ever wondered what steps a pilot has to take to achieve their status? Perhaps you’ve searched for citation jet training and are ready to take your aviation passion to a whole new level. Flight training is complex and needs step-by-step hands-on help from on-site professionals. Let’s take a look at what you can […]

  • What’s a Flight Simulator and How Can it Help a Pilot?

    As a pilot, you have many things to learn as you become familiar with the aircraft and your responsibility as a pilot. During your citation course, you’ll learn how to avoid accidents in the air that pose a threat to everyone’s safety. Your intense training is what makes it possible to act fast and make […]

  • What a Pilot’s Day Looks Like

    You may be wondering what it’s like to live the life of a pilot. While it’s a rewarding achievement and venture to embark on, it’s still considered a major high-responsibility job. After you receive your citation jet training, you’ll want to get an in-depth look into the what a typical day looks like. This article […]

  • Top 3 Highest Paying Aviation Jobs

    There are many facets to aviation, and not just flying the friendly skies. Separate designated jobs allow the aircraft and the team on board to run efficiently throughout the duration of the flight. Are you considering a job in aviation? Perhaps you’ve finished your citation flight training and want to learn more about the separate […]

  • What to Expect on your First Solo Flight

    When you’re ready, your instructor will feel confident to let you fly solo with little to no instruction. The Federal Aviation Administration has minimum requirements that must be met before a student pilot can fly alone. Your first solo flight will be one you always remember. After your citation jet training and once you’re ready […]