• What to Consider When Get Jet Training

    We live in an age where the world gets smaller every single day. The age of connectivity has revolutionized how we communicate with each other. We can reach out to friends and family with the click of a button and converse in real time. But that is no substitute for actual real human interaction. To […]

  • Single Pilot Exemptions: Get The Training You Need

      Whether you pilot planes as part of your career or as a hobby, you need to make sure you receive the right kind of training. One of the things you’ll want to obtain is an SPE certificate. SPE, which stands for Single Pilot Exemptions, is an essential aspect of your training. How can you […]

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    About the Cessna Mustang Jet

      Cessna Mustang Jet is a very light jet or class business jet built by the Cessna Aircraft Company. It can accommodate four passengers in its aft cabin and two seating in its cockpit. The same as other kinds of light jets, the Cessna Mustang Jet is approved for single pilot operations. Design The Cessna […]

  • Live Flight Training Vs Simulator Training

    From your childhood days of creating airplanes and model aircrafts up to adventuring on arcades, attractions and flight rides, you may already have simulated flight in different ways. In fact, from the time airplanes were already invented, simulators and models were already used in demonstrating flight principles to aspiring mechanics and pilots. As far as […]

  • cessna flight training

    The CJ and the CJ Simulator

    Recently Premier Jet Training obtained a Cessna CJ aircraft and a full motion CJ1+ simulator with a Proline 21 avionics package.  These two units of equipment mesh together to create an ideal training situation for the pilot who wants to obtain a Citation CJ type rating (CE525 or CE525S) or who desires to get the […]