Can private jets land at Courchevel?

As we all can see, various flight organizations are busy arranging private jet and helicopter flights at this time of the year. Many of us would be wondering if a private jet can land at Courchevel and if not then what are the kinds of private jets which can. Here you will find the answers to all your worries.


A range of private jets, small aircrafts as well as helicopters can be observed to land at Courchevel Airport which is located very close to the slopes. However, due to the little length of the runway, that is around 525 meters, and also its uphill gradient, the steep approach followed by the no ground procedure, create obstructions making it less possible to land. Nevertheless, private owners can make use of the runway for small and medium kind of jet aircrafts in case they happen to be flying themselves in their own aircraft. But for the commercially chartering ones, more severe safety regulations prevail which manifest limits to their access to the runway.


As is the case with commercial private jet charters, the least stopping distance for these aircrafts is multiplied by 1.6, to make the minimum landing distance required or the LDR. This is why Courchevel’s runway becomes too short for most of the commercial private flights. You would be surprised to know that two years back from now, none of the chartered private jet aircrafts could make landings at the Courchevel. Happily, the DGAC later gave consent for only two types of small turboprop aircrafts, the first one being the Vulcanair P68 and the second one being the bigger Vulcanair Aviator TP600. Only these two types could land there when being operated by –specially trained pilots from a local operator in the PrivateFly network.


These were the aircrafts which had a range and a speed that allowed them to handle private charter flights from Geneva, Paris, Nice and other such continental destinations into Courchevel. Usually, Paris to Courchevel took around one hour and thirt minutes, and fifty fifty minutes from Nice. These aircrafts could seat up to eight passengers and had better range and speed to offer than a helicopter could.

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