• Could I Take Aviation Courses Online?

    Have you ever wondered what steps a pilot has to take to achieve their status? Perhaps you’ve searched for citation jet training and are ready to take your aviation passion to a whole new level. Flight training is complex and needs step-by-step hands-on help from on-site professionals. Let’s take a look at what you can […]

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    What’s a Flight Simulator and How Can it Help a Pilot?

    As a pilot, you have many things to learn as you become familiar with the aircraft and your responsibility as a pilot. During your citation course, you’ll learn how to avoid accidents in the air that pose a threat to everyone’s safety. Your intense training is what makes it possible to act fast and make […]

  • What a Pilot’s Day Looks Like

    You may be wondering what it’s like to live the life of a pilot. While it’s a rewarding achievement and venture to embark on, it’s still considered a major high-responsibility job. After you receive your citation jet training, you’ll want to get an in-depth look into the what a typical day looks like. This article […]

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    Top 3 Highest Paying Aviation Jobs

    There are many facets to aviation, and not just flying the friendly skies. Separate designated jobs allow the aircraft and the team on board to run efficiently throughout the duration of the flight. Are you considering a job in aviation? Perhaps you’ve finished your citation flight training and want to learn more about the separate […]

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    What to Expect on your First Solo Flight

    When you’re ready, your instructor will feel confident to let you fly solo with little to no instruction. The Federal Aviation Administration has minimum requirements that must be met before a student pilot can fly alone. Your first solo flight will be one you always remember. After your citation jet training and once you’re ready […]

  • Weather the Storm: How to Avoid Thunderstorms

    Whether it’s your first or 100th flight, storms are still frightening. As a pilot, the last thing you’d like to think about is flying through a storm. But it does happen. And with technology and the skill of professionals before us, we can safely handle all weather elements and keep our passengers comfortable. Let’s take […]

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    How to Choose Your Flight School

    Once you decide that you want to be a pilot, the next step is choosing the best aviation school. How to decide which one is best? To get the best training in aviation, aspiring pilots needs to ensure that they get a solid foundation in both aviation theories and practical training from the right flying […]

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    Are electric aircrafts the future of aviation?

        With the rage of the new technologies like electric and hybrid cars, the electric jet is the next big thing. This new concept is sure to make it to the skies one day and be the future of aviation. These jets are relatively quiet which is a huge relief for the ones residing […]

  • 7 Interesting Facts about Planes

      Commercial aviation is beautiful and may seem mysterious and complex for those not directly involved with it. There is a lot more to flying than one might think. Here are some interesting facts: All airplanes are lightning proof. Some of us might get scared to board a flight considering that it could get hit […]

  • The Types of Pilot Certifications

    For the aviation enthusiast looking forward to learning the art of flying, there are some certifications one must acquire along with some added requirements. A list of the pilot certifications or licenses are detailed below. These are, however, not to be confused with endorsements or pilot ratings, which are the additions a pilot may get […]

  • Aviation As Leisure

      Aviation seems to be an intensely captivating profession, but have you ever thought of aviation as a leisure activity too? You may be overwhelmed to know engineers and flying enthusiasts have gotten into aviation to enjoy the thrill and excitement the sky has to offer. In every part of the world you can find […]

  • How to get a job in aviation?

    The airline industry provides job seekers a broad range of choices with increased employment opportunities for people who are passionate about travel. If the job which you are pursuing involves ground support, highlight your capacity to work in any sort of weather. So you should make sure enjoy doing the job your want to get […]