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  • 7 Interesting Facts about Planes

      Commercial aviation is beautiful and may seem mysterious and complex for those not directly involved with it. There is a lot more to flying than one might think. Here are some interesting facts: All airplanes are lightning proof. Some of us might get scared to board a flight considering that it could get hit […]

  • The Types of Pilot Certifications

    For the aviation enthusiast looking forward to learning the art of flying, there are some certifications one must acquire along with some added requirements. A list of the pilot certifications or licenses are detailed below. These are, however, not to be confused with endorsements or pilot ratings, which are the additions a pilot may get […]

  • Aviation As Leisure

      Aviation seems to be an intensely captivating profession, but have you ever thought of aviation as a leisure activity too? You may be overwhelmed to know engineers and flying enthusiasts have gotten into aviation to enjoy the thrill and excitement the sky has to offer. In every part of the world you can find […]

  • How to get a job in aviation?

    The airline industry provides job seekers a broad range of choices with increased employment opportunities for people who are passionate about travel. If the job which you are pursuing involves ground support, highlight your capacity to work in any sort of weather. So you should make sure enjoy doing the job your want to get […]

  • Can private jets land at Courchevel?

    As we all can see, various flight organizations are busy arranging private jet and helicopter flights at this time of the year. Many of us would be wondering if a private jet can land at Courchevel and if not then what are the kinds of private jets which can. Here you will find the answers […]

  • Reasons to be a Commercial Pilot

      You have to receive a pilot’s license if you’d like to go for a career as a commercial or airline pilot, or even if you only want to have the ability to fly your very own private aircraft. Whether you’re trying to develop into a experienced pilot, or are just curious concerning aviation, it’s […]

  • Everything You Need to Know about Commercial Pilot Training

      If you by chance know a pilot, odds are they can recommend someone great. You don’t have to curb your urge to fly, if you dream to be a pilot then this is the most suitable time to receive your Commercial Pilot License. Frequently the pilot is the only one that can observe weather […]

  • What to Consider When Get Jet Training

    We live in an age where the world gets smaller every single day. The age of connectivity has revolutionized how we communicate with each other. We can reach out to friends and family with the click of a button and converse in real time. But that is no substitute for actual real human interaction. To […]

  • Single Pilot Exemptions: Get The Training You Need

      Whether you pilot planes as part of your career or as a hobby, you need to make sure you receive the right kind of training. One of the things you’ll want to obtain is an SPE certificate. SPE, which stands for Single Pilot Exemptions, is an essential aspect of your training. How can you […]

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    About the Cessna Mustang Jet

      Cessna Mustang Jet is a very light jet or class business jet built by the Cessna Aircraft Company. It can accommodate four passengers in its aft cabin and two seating in its cockpit. The same as other kinds of light jets, the Cessna Mustang Jet is approved for single pilot operations. Design The Cessna […]