Acquisition & Brokerage

Premier Private Jets has formed a new alliance with Park Avenue Group, Inc. of Stuart, Florida. Company founder, Bill Dee and his team have been at the forefront of corporate aircraft sales for over thirty years.

They have the ability to locate the right aircraft for their clients at great pricing due to their worldwide contacts and “insider knowledge” of pending transactions that often involve trade aircraft that are never offered to the public.

Park Avenue Group is also very experienced in the brokerage or resale of aircraft. They have a distinct advantage over most brokers as they have the ability to “take-the-trade” or inventory aircraft as well. As one can imagine, this is a tremendous advantage when selling any aircraft.

Give us the opportunity next time you need to purchase, sell, upgrade, or downsize your aircraft. We will eliminate the hassles, streamline the process, and ensure you get a great deal.

While you’re attending your Initial or Recurrent training at PJT, you can now choose a specialty training courses that can be completed without getting off schedule.