7 Interesting Facts about Planes


Commercial aviation is beautiful and may seem mysterious and complex for those not directly involved with it. There is a lot more to flying than one might think. Here are some interesting facts:

  1. All airplanes are lightning proof. Some of us might get scared to board a flight considering that it could get hit by lightning. But truth be told, airplanes are lightning-proof and any time you get on a flight with lightning, you do not have to worry. Lightning has never been the cause for any plane crash. Airplanes are engineered to perfection and making it lightning-proof is one of the prominent features.
  2. Flights which have long durations (16 or 17 hours) usually have bedrooms to which only the crew has access to. This is so the crew doesn’t get overly fatigued. That way they can rest whenever they need to. The plane’s bedroom contains a good number of beds. These rooms are accessible from a hidden staircase which is only known to the crew.
  3. Food and drinks served in the airplanes change in the way they taste. This is because of the airplane’s altitude, and passengers might be more prone to complaining about the taste of food, when it’s actually not the airline’s fault.
  4. Did you think the bathroom doors are locked while you are inside? You might be wrong on that one. Bathroom doors aren’t actually locked while you are in. The doors can be easily unlocked from outside to ensure that nobody is locked in during an emergency.
  5. On most airplanes, the pilot and the co-pilot are served different food during the same journey. This is to ensure that they do not get food poisoning at the same time. Imagine the chaos if the entire crew fell sick at the same time.
  6. Are you afraid to get on a plane? You really shouldn’t. According to statistics the chances of a person being killed in an air crash is 1 in 11 million. The odds are very much in your favor!


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