A Comprehensive Look at the 6 Main Courses of Premier Jet Training

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Are you interested in becoming a jet pilot? If you’re passionate about aviation and are seeking a way to turn your fascination into a career, Premier Jet Training has created a comprehensive guide to the six main courses you can take to become a pilot. Let’s take a look at the options of flying lessons

1.) Legacy Citation 500 Series

This program was designed for a citation jet, which is a small, fuel-efficient jet with great economic performance. Premier Jet Training train for Citation 500 Series, Citation I (CE500), Citation ISP (CE501SP) Citation II (CE550), Citation IISP (CE551), Citation SII (S550), Citation Bravo (CE550B) Citation V (CE560), Citation Ultra (CE560U), Citation Encore, Encore + (CE560E), and Legacy Citation Training.

2.) CJ 525 Series Training 

The CJ was an updated replacement for the smaller variants of the Citation. Premier Jet trains for CJ (CE-525), CJ1 (CE-525), CJ1+ (CE-525), CJ2 (CE-525A), CJ2+ (CE-525A), CJ3 (CE-525B), and CJ4 (CE-525C).

3.) Mustang Training

This program is designed for The Citation Mustang (CE-510). The Citation Mustang is a Very Light Jet (VLJ), which is a corporate jet category and currently in production. 

4.) Citation 650 Series Training

This program is designed for The Cessna Citation III and its derivatives. The Citation III, VI, and VII is a two-man crew aircraft requiring a pilot and copilot. Premier Jet trains for Citation III (CE650), Citation VI (CE650), and Citation VII (CE650).

Initial Training 

It is available for the Citation 500 Series, CJ 525 Series, Citation Mustang and Citation 650 Series. Our signature course, “the 5 Days Initial” covers all legacy Citation training. The first three days consist of classroom time learning aircraft systems, weight & balance, and performance. Daily systems integration is conducted in the simulators and actual aircraft. Upon completion, you will meet ATP standards and have logged actual flight time in the aircraft.

Recurrent Training 

It is available for the Citation 500 Series, CJ 525 Series, Citation Mustang and Citation 650 Series. Premier Jet Training’s recurrent training course is designed for the client’s needs and can be completed in one to three days. Simulator sessions are customized to meet your needs. Refresher ground school ends with a written exam. Finally, your 61.58 proficiency flight is completed in our actual aircraft or yours. For your convenience, recurrent training can be conducted at your location. 

5.) Single Pilot Exemption

Premier Jet Training offers the Single-Pilot Exemption for the Cessna Citation Models CE-500, CE550, CE-S550, CE-550 Bravo, CE-552, CE- 560 Ultra, and CE-560 Encore. This course can be added to an existing CE-500 PIC, upgrade, or recurrent type rating course. 

6.) Specialty Training Course

While you’re attending your initial or recurrent training at Premier Jet Training, you can choose from the following special curriculum courses that allow you to complete without getting off schedule.

  • RVSM Training
  • High Altitude Training
  • Differences Training
  • Pilot Mentoring
  • Turbine Transition
  • Training at Your Location
  • Try before you Buy

If you have any questions about Premier Jet Training’s programs or if you would like to request more information on our classes, complete the request form or give us a call today.

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