5 Reasons Why Florida is the Best State to Practice Flight Training In

  1. Flight Training

Part of becoming a private pilot is gaining flying hours which provide real-life experience in the air. Private pilots are required to have at least 40 hours of flying time, 20 of which must be with an instructor on board. The hour requirement increases with various ratings, but all flight training requires many hours logged in the sky. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider spending those hours flying in Florida. 

1. Great weather 

It’s no secret that Florida has great weather. With more than 230 sunny days, on average, each year, the Sunshine State has the perfect climate for flight training. Blue skies and warm temps offer a warm welcome for hours spent earning your pilot’s license and you’ll be able to get your required hours completed faster.  

2. Flat terrain

Florida is also remarkably flat. It gets the win for being the flattest state in the US and it’s the highest point just top 300 feet above sea level. The near-constant elevation makes it easier to feel comfortable behind the controls of the aircraft since you don’t have to worry about mountains or large hills that can drastically impact weather and wind patterns in the area. 

3. Wide-open spaces

You’ll also have the advantage of wide-open spaces in the Sunshine State. There are population centers along the coast and Orlando in the state’s center, but aside from those areas, Floria is filled with small communities, farms and ranches, and rural land that makes flying easy. There is also plenty of space for emergency landings if that ever becomes a necessity.   

4. Several schools from which to choose

Another reason why Florida is the perfect spot to learn to fly is the sheer number of flight schools in the state. The secret is out, and hundreds of flight training centers operate teaching thousands of students how to fly. That creates a very large pilot population with plenty of opportunities for socializing and networking with like-minded people. 

5. Plenty of airports

Florida also has more than its fair share of airports. And the really great news in terms of gaining experience in the air is that many of these airports feature different size runways, instrumentation requirements, and traffic control methods. You’ll gain plenty of experience quickly by acquiring your initial 40 hours of flight time in the Sunshine State. 


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